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Visit Hardangerfjord is a destination company that markets the Hardanger region with the municipalities of Kvam, Eidfjord, Ulvik, Ullensvang and Kvinnherad.

Task: The Region of Hardanger needed a new strategy and visual profile to bring the region closer together in order to market and strengthen it as a year-round destination.

Result: We creating a new visual identity including brand strategy and webdesign guidelines.

Visit Hardangerfjord is well established when it comes to marketing nature, tradition, and activities, but has high growth ambitions when it comes to promoting people and culture. As a result, we kept the traditional "Hardanger Rose", but changed the name of the brand from "Visit Hardangerfjord" to "Hardanger".

Hardanger's new identity is based on a simple and authentic approach to communication. Both visually and verbally, the details are kept to a minimum, and it is through "Hardingen" itself that we meet the essence of the region, with its low-key and unassuming attitude. Hardanger is obviously beautiful. The identity provides space for scenic images to speak for themselves, the layout is designed uncomplicated on pure color surfaces, and the contrasts range widely in the typography.

To promote the region as a year-round destination, the color palette changes with the seasons. All elements are conceptually consistent and connect to what makes Hardanger hardanger; striking contrasts, and the composition of local businesses and generations of "hardinger" who are proud to pass their traditions and values on to future generations. The symbol "Hardangerrosa" has been newly redesigned and is allowed to live freely in its surroundings. It is used where it works best, and is the link to the entire region.

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